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Serpentine Belt 4PK1310 for Chrysler PT Cruiser Dodge Neon GMC S15 Jimmy

Brand Name Dodge
Model Number 4PK1310
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Serpentine Belt Tensioner & Pulley for Mercedes Benz ML S R Class SprinterWeight:0.02 KGS; Seals or Shields:Open Type; Cage Type:Steel; SKU:3214jc3-nsk; Static Load Rating (kN):76500; d:70mm; Oil Limiting Speed (r/min):4300; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):86800; Availability:In Stock; D:125mm; B:39.7mm; Grease Limiting Speed (r/min):3300; Clearance:C3;
ZZP Stock Size LSJ Supercharger Serpentine Belt 2004-07 Chevy Cobalt 2.0 SS IonClearance:C3; Cage Type:Steel; Reference Speed Rating (r/min):11000; Seals or Shields:Two Rubber Seals; Static Load Rating (kN):23.2; d:50mm; B:20mm; Weight:0.46 KGS; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):35; SKU:62102rsc3-timken; D:90mm; Availability:In Stock; Limiting Speed Rating (r/min):7700;
Serpentine Belt Fit For 12-15 Mercedes-Benz Engineered V-Ribbed Belt 6PK2310 d:20 mm; Specific static load factor K0:120 N/mm²; Coefficient of friction µ min.:0.08; Coefficient of friction µ max.:0.15; D:23 mm; Permissible sliding velocity v min.:0 m/s; Mass bushing:0.017 kg; B:20 mm; Permissible sliding velocity v max.:1 m/s; Tolerance housing:H7 m/s; Tolerance shaft:f7 m/s; Specific dynamic load factor K:40 N/mm²;
Drive Belt For 2009-2010 Ford F-150 0.17 in. Thickness Serpentine Main DriveGrease Limiting Speed (r/min):10000; Availability:In Stock; d:30mm; Oil Limiting Speed (r/min):12000; B:16mm; Weight:0.02 KGS; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):15.8; Cage Type:Plastic; Static Load Rating (kN):4.65; Clearance:C3; D:62mm; SKU:1206ktnc3-nsk; Seals or Shields:Open Type;
Serpentine Accessory Belt Tensioner & Pulley For VW Beetle Jetta TDI 1.9L Dieselra:0.15; LangID:1; DA_:1.2; C0:0.275; SRE:0.67; SRI:0.67; DI_:8.7; D_a:10.8; hidYobi:MR128; C0r:28; D_:12; SREX:0.02; C:0.545; Oil rpm:48000; GRS rpm:40000; hidTable:ecat_NSESBM; da:9.2; Cr:55; d:8; yobi:MR128;
Serpentine Belt Tensioner For Dodge Ram 1500 D150 250 Dakota Jeep Grand CherokeeD:69.012 mm; Mass bearing:0.35 kg; Da min.:57 mm; Dimension series:14000; r1,2 min.:0.8 mm; db min.:40 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:65.8 kN; rb max.:1.3 mm; a:15.343 mm; T:19.845 mm; Calculation factor e:0.37; Limiting speed:10000 r/min; B:19.583 mm; Calculation factor Y0:0.9; C:15.875 mm; da max.:43 mm; d1 ≈:50.7 mm; r3,4 min.:1.3 mm; d:33.338 mm; Db min.:63 mm;
Serpentine Belt Drive Component Kit Dayco D60950K1Weight:0.30 KGS; D:62mm; Reference Speed Rating (r/min):9700; B:20mm; Clearance:C3; Limiting Speed Rating (r/min):7800; d:30mm; Cage Type:Steel; SKU:22206ejw33c3-timken; Seals or Shields:Open Type; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):67.4; Availability:In Stock; Static Load Rating (kN):60.8;
Serpentine Belt For 2003-2011 Honda Element 0.17 in. thicknessgroove outer:79.572; C0:8.1; da:56.5; SRIX:0.04; hidYobi:1210K; yobi:1210K; cyl dia:9.525; D_a:83.5; LangID:1; CAng:7.795; Y0:3.2; cyl count:18; r:1.1; PCD:69.4; groove inner:59.87; B_:20; C:22.8; d:50; Y3:3.1; D_:90;
Serpentine Belt Fits for 98-08 Toyota BMW 1.8L Matrix Z3 W/O AC 6PK1540 MOCAD:210 mm; B:200 mm; Permissible sliding velocity v min.:0 m/s; d:190 mm; Tolerance housing:H7; h:192 mm; Tolerance shaft:e7; a:10 mm; Specific dynamic load factor K:25 N/mm²; α:124 °; Mass bushing:11.1 kg; Coefficient of friction µ max.:0.15; Permissible sliding velocity v max.:0.5 m/s; Specific static load factor K0:45 N/mm²; Coefficient of friction µ min.:0.08;
Serpentine Belt Tensioner With Pulley For Eclipse Galant Lancer Outlander 2.4LCage Type:Steel; Availability:In Stock; d:9mm; Weight:0.00 KGS; Seals or Shields:Two Metal Shields; D:17mm; B:5mm; Fatigue Load Rating (kN):0.027; Clearance:Standard; Limiting Speed Rating (r/min):43000; SKU:628/9-2z-skf; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):1.43; Static Load Rating (kN):0.64; Reference Speed Rating (r/min):85000;
Brand New Serpentine Drive Belt Tensioner Idler Friction Wheel For Mini CooperAppropriate attachment bolt, size G:42 mm; Cap bolt, rec. tightening torque:850 N·m; J1:260 mm; H1:410 mm; Da:700 mm; H2:130 mm; J6:1070 mm; s:35 mm; P120°:3400 kN; Appropriate attachment bolt, rec. tightening torque:3640 N·m; Mass housing:709 kg; da:400 mm; Ca:244 mm; H:810 mm; Eye bolt, size:2 x M 42; L:1170 mm; Oil level, min.:103 mm; N:60 mm; A2:455 mm; Locating ring:2 x FRB 10/700;
Serpentine Belt Fit For 05-12 Toyota Avalon 3.5L Camry Sienna K070822 MOCA EPDMDI_:89; LangID:1; da:81; Macha rpm:7100; GRS rpm:3600; Oil rpm:4500; d:70; DE_:133; SBRG:23; C0:325; SDM_:111; dd min:100; yobi:NU2314ET; C:274; C_conv:274000; DA_:22; Fw:89; ra:2; r1:2.1; D_a max:139;
Serpentine Belt Tensioner for Jeep TJ Wrangler & Grand Cherokee 4.0LAppropriate attachment bolt, rec. tightening torque:2280 N·m; Eye bolt, size:2 x M 36; P150°:2500 kN; P55°:8000 kN; Q180°:2100 kN; Ca:214 mm; Oil level, min.:91 mm; A1:360 mm; N4 max.:30 mm; H1:360 mm; Cap bolt, size:M 36x240; P120°:2900 kN; s:30 mm; A:395 mm; Oil level, max.:108 mm; Locating ring:2 x FRB 10/620; J:870 mm; A2:395 mm; H2:120 mm; Q150°:2400 kN;
Serpentine Belt Tensioner w/ Pulley For Acura Honda Accord Civic CR-V ElementOil Limiting Speed (r/min):106000; Availability:In Stock; SKU:7002ce/p4adga-skf; Static Load Rating (kN):1.93; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):4.42; d:15mm; Cage Type:Plastic; Weight:0.03 KGS; Grease Limiting Speed (r/min):68000; Fatigue Load Rating (kN):0.08; D:32mm; Seals or Shields:Open Type; Preload:Light; Clearance:Standard; B:9mm;
3x Serpentine Belt Tensioner Idler Pulley Timing Kit For BMW E36 E39 E46 E53Clearance:Standard; Availability:In Stock; Weight:3.27 KGS; Dynamic Load Rating (kN):129.9; B:33mm; SKU:3mm9126wicrdul-timke; d:130mm; Seals or Shields:Open Type; Speed Rating (r/min):5800; Static Load Rating (kN):135.7; D:200mm; Cage Type:Plastic;
Serpentine Belt For 2008-2013 Nissan Rogue 95 Chevrolet Luminad1 ≈:143.2 mm; d:105 mm; Da max.:178.5 mm; B:50 mm; Calculation factor Y:1.4; r3,4 min.:2.5 mm; Calculation factor Y0:0.8; Fatigue load limit Pu:55 kN; Ca min.:6 mm; Dimension series:3FC; T:53 mm; Reference speed:2800 r/min; Mass bearing:6.02 kg; D:190 mm; C:43 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:443 kN; Db min.:180 mm; Da min.:161 mm; Calculation factor e:0.43; da max.:121 mm;



2003-2011- - - - - - 5022.81.1
1.9L- - - - - - 80.545 -
2.4L- - - - - - 110mm - -
05-06- - - - - - 65mm - -
Z4- - - - - - 70mm - -
4.0L- - - - - - 190mm - -
2.5L- - - - - - 100mm - -
05-12- - - - - - 70274 -
98-08- - - - - - 190 mm - -
A2- - - - - - 65mm - -
D60855K1- - - - - - 160mm - -
05-09- - - - - - - 9.40.6
2012-2015- - 4.763 mm - - - - - -
6PK1690Dodge - - - - - 9mm - -
1500Dodge - - - - - 33.338 mm15.875 mm -
2009-2010- - - - - - 30mm - -
2.4L- - - - - - 9mm - -
2006-2011- - - - - - - 18 mm -
4.0L- - - 870 mm - 395 mm - - -
RAV4- - - - - - 70mm - -
K030309SF-12 mm - - - - - - -
03-15- - 0.794 mm - - 66.675 mm - - -


Serpentine Belt 4PK1310 for Chrysler PT Cruiser Dodge Neon GMC S15 Jimmy Video


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